Miracle Splint Wrist and Hand Brace for Carpal Tunnel (Right Extra Large) by Doctor in the House, Ease/Relieve Pain and Stiffness-Heat, Support, Wrist Pain, Tennis Elbow, Custom Molds, Doctor Developed



Brand: Doctor in the House
Size: Right Extra Large (Glove Size XL)
Age Range (Description): Adult
Color: Black
Material: Metal
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  • ✨It’s not your grandparents Splint!! Doctor Developed custom molds to your hand and wrist to fit like a glove – ergonomically and physiologically. The microwavable Miracle Splint is designed for dynamic healing to ease your pain using heat and compression to treat the injured tissues without surgery. Enjoy the freedom of dynamic motion unlike others, you have PROTECTED motion. Our splint provides a proper, wrist neutral position – use it for your daily activities, typing, and to bed!
  • ✨OUR BEST PRACTICES: Our hand surgeon-designed Miracle Splint was created with the patient in mind. Rebuild the damaged and injured tissue in your hand, wrist, and forearm with treatments and support layers to avoid surgery. Our splint traps the body’s natural thermal energy with soothing heat, massage, and comfort for proper healing. Ease pain and disability caused by injuries like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, RSI, overuse syndrome, and fractures. Enjoy a free book on us about natural healing!
  • ✨OUR GUARANTEE: The Miracle Splint offers a better chance of healing both wrist and hand injuries with heat and compression. A surgeon developed this unique splint to help his patients heal without surgery in which it has been tested and proven to effectively heal patients. We know our Miracle Splint wrist and hand brace is truly like no other. If your experience with our Miracle Splint wasn’t the most effective splint you’ve ever used, we’ll give you a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • ✨EZ Out of the box or custom custom molds perfectly to your wrist in 3 easy steps! Take the splint out of its packaging and microwave for 60 seconds. Be sure the brace is cooled to a comfortable temperature before slipping your thumb and hand into the brace. Tighten the straps and rest your hand and forearm on a flat surface in wrist neutral position for an additional 60 seconds while your brace custom molds to you. In just 2 minutes, you have a wrist brace customized perfectly for YOU!
  • ✨DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE: We created our unique Miracle Splint because we know that no 2 patients’ anatomy or injuries are exactly alike. Our molding feature allows each brace to be custom molded to wrists and forearms of all shapes and sizes for optimum support and healing. It allows dynamic, protected motion for injured tissues through the heatable, moldable, removable, and changeable internal thermoplastic struts inside brace – Your path to healing is now complete, the search is finally over!