The Doctor’s OA Back Brace can be customized to the patient.

• Comfortable, light and highly effective.

• The strapping system allows for full adjustment, with easy on and off once it is set the first time.

• Valgus and Varus adjustment to fit the patient’s medical needs and joint pathology.

Open all straps and sit with the leg in a slight bend. Center the hinge about one (1) inch above the top of the knee cap on the inside, just a little toward the back of the knee. Attach the first strap label on the bottom then the one on the top. Follow with the rest of the straps. Pull the strap snug on top of the knee area. Adjust all the straps on the , making sure it does not feel too tight but also that it does not slide. Stand up and walk, adjust as needed and test bending the knee and walking. For more security add the knee sleeve. Once set just use the easy clips to take off and on.