This cervical collar restricts bending, stretch and turn of the cervical vertebra effectively.

  1.  Turn Knobs on back of collar to the left to open for sizing        

  2.  Detach the buckles top and bottom on the side of the collar                                        

  3.  Test the collar for proper height and temporarily adjust the size around the neck

  4.  Secure the side buckles and check to be sure the collar is not too tight around the neck 

  5.  Turn the 2 knobs on the front slowly to the left to adjust the inverted U-shape jaw posts to suitable height, fit the patient’s jaw, then screw the rotary knobs to secure tightly

  6.  Readjust the rear sizing knobs and be sure that the fit is comfortable and snug enough for support but not too loose that it may cause chafing. You’re all set!