"I have been very happy with the results that the Neck Free System has delivered. I take care of a lot of very seriously injured patients. As a physician I am always looking for ways to help my patients with methods that are comfortable, effective and do not lead to any unwanted bad effects. I have found the Neck Free Shoulder System to be a great answer to the problem of shoulder injuries. It is very effective at immobilizing the shoulder and maintaining adequate stability that allows the shoulder to heal. The pillows that can easily be attached and detached with Velcro allow for an easy and comfortable range of motion to prevent contracture. The design feature that thrills me most is the fact that the patient's neck does not have to anchor a sling; traditional arm immobilization devices create neck pain by dangling a heavy arm. The Neck Free system is comfortable, effective and helps prevent the creation of new neck problems. My patients have been very happy with this innovative device."
Dr. Gary W Fried, MD Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
"The Neck Free Shoulder System is a revolutionary breakthrough for orthopedic surgeons who care for shoulder pathology. It allows for an effective treatment of multiple shoulder diagnosis without worry of creating unwanted cervical spine and neck problems. My own patients compliment the Neck Free Shoulder System on its ease of use and its ability to produce positive results."
Dr. Dennis McHugh, Orthopedic Surgeon
"I have been using Doc in the House products for over six years, they are one of the best quality products I have seen. They are unique, especially the wrist braces with the night attachment. I use their wrist, shoulder, back and knee braces in my (DME) orthotics practice. The braces are easy to fit, customize and achieve good outcomes for the patients. Dr. Scott and his staff provide excellent support for any product or technical questions I may have. I strongly believe in - and strongly recommend these high quality durable braces."
Gee Patel, Licensed Pedorthist
Certified Orthic Fitter
ABC Medical Services, Inc
Lansing, IL