Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness
We all need to improve our mental health! A simple solution – Medical Meditation for a Lifetime of Happiness, Health and Comfort
During Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Scott Fried reveals a profound truth: healing is within our grasp, accessible to each and every one of us. Witnessing his father’s remarkable recovery from multiple heart attacks and unsuccessful surgery, Dr. Fried unravels the secrets his father brought back from the depths of Burma’s jungles over half a century ago.
In a world where opioid use disorder and the push for us to medicate rather than meditate affects a staggering sixteen million individuals globally, with over three million in the United States alone, it’s time for a transformation. The pandemic has magnified this crisis, pushing millions more into the abyss of life chaos, stress and often addiction to medications as well as alcohol as they grapple with the residuals. However, let us not forget that even before this crisis, millions were battling depression, anxiety, pain, and sleep disturbances.
Regrettably, the medications commonly prescribed to address these challenges are as addictive as opioids and burdened with significant side effects. But, a beacon of hope shines through the darkness.
In his profound book, “The Opioid Alternative,” Dr. Scott M. Fried unveils the simple and effective techniques that can liberate you from the shackles of drugs and invasive procedures. With unwavering dedication, Dr. Fried empowers readers to tap into their body's innate ability to generate natural “feel-good” hormones, unlocking the gateway to genuine healing. Through the transformative practice of “Medical Meditation,” you will uncover alternative solutions that have remained hidden in each of us, waiting to be discovered.
As we commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month this May, let us confront the sobering statistics. Countless individuals endure the excruciating burden of mental and physical pain, seeking solace and relief. Depression and anxiety run rampant, silently tormenting hearts and minds, while physical pain further exacerbates these mental health afflictions. The time has come to break free from the cycle of suffering.
“The Opioid Alternative” offers a lifeline to those desperate for change. Get your copy and see the transformative changes that medical meditation can bring to your mental and physical health. FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD w/PURCHASE.
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